Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your car up and running. Sometimes vehicle owners wonder what’s so important about these tune-ups and would rather save the money. One thing AA Auto Kirkland can share with our customers is that saving the money on a 30, 60, or 90K tune-up now could be costly later.

With more than 30-years of experience in the automotive industry, we’ve seen it all. We understand the importance of having a vehicle checked for trouble regularly. Not only does it ensure that everything is operational, but it extends the overall life of your car as well.

30, 60 and 90K tune-ups are the industry standard as prescribed by vehicle manufacturers to comply with warranty specifications and optimal performance. These tune-ups should take place once every 30,000 miles – hence the name.

What to Expect During Your Tune-up

While visiting AA Auto Kirkland, you can expect a few standard services to take place during your tune-up. Think of this the way you think of an annual checkup with your doctor. Instead of taking your temperature and listening to your heartbeat, we check and replace filters and spark plugs, test fluid levels and rotate tires. If an oil change hasn’t been performed in the last 3,000 miles, we may also swap out your oil and replace other fluids, such as coolant as well.

Most tune-ups are fairly basic, but could include an inspection of the timing belt, changing brake pads, and running an engine diagnostic test. Our initial audit of your vehicle helps us deduce whether more tests are needed and if there are any immediate issues to fix.

Not all tune-ups require replacement parts, but sometimes different components of your vehicle might be worn down, damaged, or missing. As a rule, AA Auto Kirkland tends to notice that the more miles, and the older a vehicle is, the more likely it is that it will require parts and extra work. Regular checkups decrease this risk, even with old models.

Why Do I Need This Tune-up?

If you’re still not sure a 30, 60, and 90K tune-up is in your best interest, here are a few of the reasons we recommend them to our customers.

Saving Money: In the long run, a vehicle will cost you plenty of time and money. The difference that regular tune-ups brings is a reduction in both hours and cost for repair. If your mechanic sees your vehicle regularly, he or she will know which areas are most vulnerable and how to protect them. Proactive automotive services keep your car on the road longer and keep you safely in the driver’s seat.

Protecting Your Warranty: Manufacturers warranties are given on borrowed time, and sometimes with strict specifications. Check your warranty to determine whether 30, 60, and 90K tune-ups are necessary for you. Sometimes, what might seem optional, isn’t so optional if you want to extend your warranty. If you’re unsure, you can bring a copy of your warranty to AA Auto Kirkland, and we’ll help you determine whether this service is required.

Keeping Little Things from Becoming Big Things: Ever heard the phrase, “don’t make a mountain of a mole hill”? Well, regular checkups do just that – prevents small problems from turning into much larger ones. Stopping a malfunction while it’s small could save you from having to replace something big in the future.

Why Choose AA Auto Kirkland?

At AA Auto Kirkland we are a firm believer in community pride and fair practice. Our automotive shop has been passed down for generations and is a family run business with strong ties to Kirkland, Washington. We consider our customers to be friends, family, and neighbors, and we’re happy to provide high quality service on every job. Fast, friendly, and affordable – when you choose AA Auto Kirkland you support our local economy and a small community business!

AA Auto Kirkland takes the mystery out of automotive care, being completely open with our clients. We want you to be informed from diagnosis to repair. You’ll know what’s wrong, how we’ll fix it and how much it costs, so there re no negative surprises or hidden fees.

Want to know more about our 30 60 90K tune-ups and other automotive services offered throughout shop? Contact us today! Our team is always happy to hear from new and returning customers and answer any questions you may have. You can also follow us on Facebook @pricebrothersgarage for announcements, promotions, and special events – or to see what other customers are saying.