Like the name implies, the fuel system of your vehicle is used to store and supply the engine with fuel. The system includes many components such as the fuel tank, pressure pump, fuel filter, injector and injector nozzle, accumulator, and fuel supply. The system allows the engine to intake fuel and air, which is maintained by the carburetor. The fuel is taken from the fuel tank, through lines and filters. It’s then compressed in the engine cylinder. When ignited, fuel and air power the engine and are discharged as carbon dioxide.

Without a working fuel system your vehicle is going nowhere. No fuel means nothing is feeding your engine and the engine won’t turnover. At AA Auto Kirkland, our team is familiar with what it takes for your fuel system to run efficiently and how to diagnose damage or breakage. Whether a fuel line is broken, the tank is cracked, or a filter needs replacing, we can help you find the problem and get you back on the road.

Signs Your Fuel System Needs Help

When your fuel system starts to act up, there are some specific signs indicating a need for the professional help of a mechanic. Some signs are more serious than others, but all should point you in the direction of a garage. These include:

Hesitation During Acceleration: When you apply pressure to the gas pedal in order to accelerate, you expect your vehicle to pick up speed. When it seems to hesitate before complying, it could be cause for concern. This pressure on the gas pedal should spark an instantaneous reaction and if it doesn’t, it means something is blocking the signal from the peddle or blocking the fuel from reaching the engine.

Stalling and Sputtering: Your engine is a fine-tuned machine, so when something is wrong it’s going to speak up – sometimes loudly. If you notice your vehicle sputtering, grinding or stalling there are many things which could be at fault – one being the fuel system. If the fuel system is compromised and not enough fuel is being mixed with air during injection, it causes your engine to stall and sputter.

Trouble Getting Started: To start your engine, ignition is required. If there’s nothing to ignite, the engine won’t turn over and your vehicle is staying put. If you notice it’s taking a few tires to get started lately, ask your mechanic about checking the fuel system.

The Dashboard is Lit Up: All those indicator lights on your dashboard are there for a reason, so if you notice one or more beginning to flare, it’s time for a checkup. A fuel system issue corresponds directly with the engine, so the check engine light is the main one to watch for.

Poor Fuel Economy: Gas isn’t cheap, so many Americans have taken to tracking their fuel consumption. If you notice your economy is getting low, it could mean that there’s a leak or that your fuel system is pumping too much gas and not enough air to the engine. Don’t overspend on filling up your tank – instead, visit AA Auto Kirkland for a fuel system checkup.

Smoking: You never want your car to smoke, no matter what the cause – but it’s particularly bad if the fuel systems are at fault. Weird smells and smoke coming from your car could mean too much fuel or a leakage somewhere. Smoke usually means something is overheating and that’s a definite cause for concern.

You should have your car checked over once a year for any issues relating to fuel system trouble. If you notice any of the above signs, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle looked at sooner. Any odd smells, noises, or activity should be considered a possible indication that something’s amiss. It’s better to be safe than sorry and see a mechanic before it gets worse.

Why Choose AA Auto Kirkland

AA Auto Kirkland has been in business for more than 3 decades and is a multi-generational family business in Kirkland, Washington. As a proud member of our community, we take great pride in helping family, friends and neighbors drive safely and affordable. Unlike big-box chain garages which view customers as a number on a computer screen, we know our clients as fellow members of our community. Therefore, we always put our best into every job, guaranteeing a level of high-quality workmanship and customer service.

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