Buying a new-to-you vehicle is exciting, but knowing it’s used means there could be some unseen issues. It’s tempting to accept a great price and drive off the lot right away, but buyer’s remorse is a serious issue for used car buyers who don’t have a buyer’s inspection performed.

A buyer’s inspection, also known as a PPI, or pre-purchase inspection, gives you insight into potential problems a vehicle might have before you take it home. Most used car lots will have an inspection of some kind on paper for you to see before you make an offer, but this is rarely thorough and could miss key flaws.

A buyer’s inspection is performed by a certified mechanic, who will look at cosmetic and surface issues, as well as internal and mechanical issues. Throughout the inspection your mechanic will highlight areas which could be at risk for future problems.

Signs You Need a Buyers Inspection

Unsure whether a buyer’s inspection is necessary? Here are a few reasons you might call a mechanic.

The Vehicle History is Diverse: If the vehicle history doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary, it could be smooth sailing. However, a diverse and extensive history with many accidents and fixes could mean trouble. Having a second opinion to be certain all the damage was taken care of is important before you hit the road.

The Vehicle is Old: Older vehicles are at higher risk of falling apart by nature. They’ve been used more and parts have received more wear and tear than newer vehicles. If the car you’re purchasing is older, having an inspection could save you from purchasing a clunker.

The Vehicle has Many Miles: Even a new car can require extra maintenance if it’s been driven hard. Cars with above-average miles are at risk of developing premature damage to the engine, battery and wheels.

Benefits of a Buyers Inspection

Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding costly mechanical issues in the future, there are other advantages to employing a buyer’s inspection. Such as:

Reducing Cost: Paying full-price for a vehicle which requires work is unfair – especially if the work will be costly. Having a buyer’s inspection gives you an upper hand when it comes time to haggle on value. A car which requires new brake pads and a tire alignment will cost an extra few-hundred dollars, at least. So, asking to reduce the price of the car based on these minor fixes is key.

Have the Car Repaired: Alternative to haggling on price, you could haggle on mechanical improvements. Some dealers will offer the chance to pay the listed price but their garage will fix anything found during the buyer’s inspection for free. This means you get a fully functioning vehicle with no hidden flaws.

What to Expect During an Inspection

During your buyers inspection a mechanic will take time to check the vehicle’s history report and do a quick review of areas of concern. If the car was in an accident prior to your purchasing it, your mechanic can make sure there’s no remaining damage or flaws hidden by bodywork. Much of this inspection is visual, targeting the exterior of the vehicle, tires, engine and electrical. Your mechanic will check for rust, strange sounds or odors, braking or steering issues, and more.

At AA Auto Kirkland, we take the time to go over things with a fine-toothed comb. Decades of experience in the automotive industry has taught us what to look for and how to see beneath the surface during an inspection. If there’s cause for concern a deeper inspection can be ordered, such as an engine diagnostics test.

Why Choose AA Auto Kirkland

AA Auto Kirkland is a family run business which has been operating for generations. Our team of mechanics are members of the Kirkland community. We consider every customer a neighbor, friend, or family member. When you choose AA Auto Kirkland, you’re supporting the local economy, and putting your faith in a small business that puts its customers first.

Our buyer’s inspections push the limits and think outside the box. Unlike big box brand garages which stick to a basic list, we use years of finely tuned instincts to check the list and then some. Our goal is to ensure that every customer drives away in a safe vehicle. You can count on us to get you on the road quickly and affordably.

Interested in learning more about buyers inspections and other services offered by AA Auto Kirkland? Contact us today! Our friendly staff is always happy to hear from new and existing customers and will answer any questions you might have.