Founders Garry and Doug Price were raised by their grandmother. Doug was four and a half years older than Garry, and they lost their father when Garry was two years old and lost their mother when Garry was seven. The two brothers were really close together and their grandma instilled in them the importance of honesty, hard work, and integrity.

When Garry was in high school, he was working at a grocery store when Brother Doug called. Doug was working two jobs and needed help at one of his jobs at the gas station. Garry helped out at the gas station for one night, impressed the owner, and ended up getting hired. Through his employment at the gas station, Garry took over a dozen classes on auto repair and began working on cars.


It was the early 60's at the time, and Garry did lots of tune-ups working at the first Chevron station in Seattle. He also worked at several tire stores. In the late 60's, Doug was going through partnership issues at his camper-building business, so he decided to partner up with Garry to own gas stations. Price Brothers Garage, Inc. was formed in the 70's and the two brothers ran their businesses with old-fashioned hard work and integrity.


The Price Brothers purchased the current Kirkland location in the early 2000's. They prided themselves in making every customer smile. Doug and Garry would make bets with each other. If one of them could not make a customer smile, he would have to wash the other brother's car. There was a grouchy customer one day that Garry just could not make him smile. Out of desperation, Garry told the grouchy customer about the ongoing bet he has with his brother. The two brothers had clean cars all the time, but if the customer did not smile, Garry would be forced to wash his brother's car again. The customer heard the story and started laughing. It was a great day for Garry.


In 2023, Price Brothers Garage joined forces with Redmond-based AA Auto Service Center and became AA Auto Kirkland. Both AA Auto Redmond and AA Auto Kirkland are award-winning, AAA Top Shops.With two locations in Kirkland and Redmond, AA Auto Service Center is able to serve the greater Eastside community with top-notch auto repair services.

Through years of honest dealing and hard work, AA Auto Kirkland (formerly Price Brothers Garage) attracted a loyal following. The Price Brothers believe in old-fashioned customer service and taking care of people. When asked about their achievement of the AAA Top Shop Award and Angie's List "Super Service" Award, Garry simply said, "It's our customers that built our business. If we take care of our customers and not cheat anybody, they will take care of us."

Doug passed away in 2010 from Lou Gehrig 's disease at the age of 73, and Garry's son, named after Doug, passed away in 2016. Despite the loss of Doug and Little Doug, AA Auto Kirkland is committed to honor its tradition of taking care of people and making every customer smile. We are proud to be a family-owned business, and look forward to serving the Kirkland community for many more years to come.