As the heart of your vehicle, your engine needs to be in tip top shape to get your vehicle around safely. A diagnostics test uses computer technology to tap into sensors and the computer system in your vehicle to determine whether issues are prevalent. The test checks your oil tank, transmission, exhaust, and more, looking for flaws which could result in engine failure or worse.

If you’ve ever noticed the lights on your dash come on, especially the “check engine” light. You’ve probably had engine diagnostics run before. If not, those lights are a good indicator that something is amiss. This test should be run annually, maintaining engine health and prolonging the overall life of your vehicle.

At AA Auto Kirkland, one of our specialties is engine diagnostics. Our experienced team is quick to find any problems plaguing your vehicle and help rectify them. Once we know where the issue lies, we can tackle it head on and remove any risk of further damage to your electrical system or engine.

Signs You Need Engine Diagnostics

Engines are rarely shy or quiet, so it should come as no surprise that your engine is quick to tell you when something is wrong. While you should have an engine diagnostics test run every year, some signs may indicate earlier testing is required. Here are some of the signs that you should visit a garage for testing ASAP:

Unidentifiable Sounds: Clunking, clicking, banging, and grinding are all sounds your vehicle could make when something isn’t quire right. These tell-tale noises could be related to your brakes, engine, electrical system, clutch and many other components in your vehicle. An engine diagnostics test will tell you exactly what’s going on and how to fix it.

Problems Starting or Using Electric Features: If your car won’t start, the lights won’t glow, your windows are lagging, or the radio won’t work – a diagnostics test might be in order. Many of these issues are linked directly to your battery, but sometimes it takes our state-of-the-art machines to find the exact problem and fix it.

Vibrations While Driving: Has your vehicle been shaking during transit? From time to time improperly aligned wheels or poor tire pressure can be the cause of shaking, but it could be something more serious. A slipping shaft due to a cracked axle joint, or a drive-line issue could be causing your car to shake on the road. Whatever the cause, this is a prime example of something that requires diagnostics.

Weird Odors: Your vehicle is full of various types of fluids from coolant to oil. So, it’s not a huge shock that it can smell a bit odd from time to time. However, if you notice one of these odd smells and you’re not sure where it’s coming from, (i.e. you just had an oil change, or you just filled the tank), it’s time to visit a garage. An overheating engine, leaking fuel pipe, or several other issues could be triggering that weird smell.

If you notice these, or any other unfamiliar symptoms in your vehicle, contact your mechanic as soon as possible. At AA Auto Kirkland, we believe that being proactive with your car maintenance not only keeps you safe but prolongs the life of your vehicle. Fixing these issues sooner rather than later guarantees no further damage in the areas causing problems.

Why Choose AA Auto Kirkland?

AA Auto Kirkland has been in the Price family for generations. A family owned business in the heart of Kirkland, Washington, we shine with community pride. Helping our friends and neighbors keep their vehicles running safely is what we do best. Large chain garages might have the logos and social media following to catch your eye, but AA Auto Kirkland has multi-generational experience, and your best interest at heart. We do our best on every job to ensure high-quality workmanship, affordable prices, and fast turnaround.

Our engine diagnostics testing is designed to find the root of any car problem fast. Our team is always transparent in our findings, letting you know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle, how it can be fixed, and how much it will cost to do so. With no hidden fees or hidden agendas, you can trust AA Auto Kirkland to get the job done.

Interested in learning more about engine diagnostics or our many other automotive services? Contact us today! Our friendly staff is always happy to hear from new and existing customers. You’re part of the family when you choose AA Auto Kirkland.