Your clutch acts as a connection between the driving and driven shafts in a vehicle. Basically, it engages your power transmission. In a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch engages when you press the farthest left pedal. This mechanical component sits between the gearbox and engine, allowing you to change gears as you drive. If the clutch isn’t functioning properly, your vehicle won’t change gears, and your car is likely to stall, or not start at all. Your engine will run, but the car can’t go.

Like a brake – the clutch is much more than a pedal on the floor of a vehicle. It’s composed of several working parts including a pressure plate, clutch disc, flywheel, pilot bushing, bearing, and more. A manual transmission vehicle engages and disengages the clutch often, enforcing plenty of natural wear and tear on the system. Over time, clutch components can loosen, become dirty and damaged, and stop working.

To replace the clutch, the manual transmission must be removed and replaced as well. At AA Auto Kirkland, our team of certified mechanics are well-versed in clutch repair. We take our time to diagnose the root of the problem and repair it from the bottom up – making certain that there’s no residual breakage or debris to cause issues later.

Signs of a Problematic Clutch

Like most components of your vehicle – the clutch gives indications that something is wrong. If you notice any odd noises, or sensations while shifting gears, it could mean the clutch is experiencing difficulties. Here are some of the indicators that you should visit a garage.

Chattering Noise: Almost any noise – aside from the steady purr of a smooth-running motor – is a bad noise when it’s coming from your engine. Chattering and grinding while your shift are big indicators that there’s something not quite right with the clutch system. Sometimes, these noises occur because of improper shifting, but if you feel like you’re watching the RPM and shifting properly but noises still occur – see a mechanic.

Sticking: Ever tried to shift and found that the gears just wouldn’t change? Sticking or slipping are common signs that your clutch system is malfunctioning. This is dangerous, as it could mean stalling on a hill or in busy traffic.

RPM Isn’t Changing Right: Watching the RPM is a common practice of any manual driver. If you notice that shifting down from 3rd to 2nd isn’t automatically sending your RPM up, your car is telling you something. The RPM gage is crucial to smoothly operating a manual vehicle. Not changing with a gear shift could mean many things – none of them good.

Stalling: One of the most obvious signs of clutch problems is stalling. Again, your vehicle could stall if shifted improperly, but if you’re sure everything is being operated as it should, and it still stalls – see a mechanic.

What to Expect During Clutch Repair

Before getting to work on your clutch, the AA Auto Kirkland team will properly inspect clutch operation. We may do a stall test and adjust hydraulic and cables to check on optimum performance. If necessary, your clutch set will be replaced. During this time, our team may also inspect your engine – specifically the rear main seal and flywheel. If resurfacing is required, our team will take the time to do so.

Throughout the inspection and repair process, customers of AA Auto Kirkland can expect to be informed of each step required. Our goal is complete transparency with our customers. Unlike chain garages, we consider our customers part of the AA Auto Kirkland’ family, and as a family-run business it’s important to us that you always know what’s happening to your vehicle and what you’re being charged for.

Why Choose AA Auto Kirkland?

A family-operated business in the heart of Kirkland, we take community pride seriously. Being part of this neighborhood means a lot to us, and we want our customers to get the best during every appointment. Our team is experienced and versatile – specializing in everything from clutch repair to engine rebuilds. No matter the task – small or large – AA Auto Kirkland have got you covered.

While we believe our team has all the skills of a big city garage, we’re proud to offer the personalization of small-town customer service. We know how important your vehicle is, and we work hard to make sure every client is safe on the road and vehicles are returned quickly and efficiently.

Interested in learning more about clutch systems repair and other automotive services offered at AA Auto Kirkland? Contact us today to learn more!