There are many components involved in your vehicle’s electrical system – including a starter, battery and alternator. These pieces are connected in such a way that if one should stop working, none of them will and your car is going nowhere. This puts a lot of pressure on your electrical system to function properly.

The electrical system powers everything from lights and air conditioning to windows and power steering. It also sends power to your fuel and ignition system – meaning a vehicle can’t start if the battery is dead. If you’ve ever found yourself requiring a jump start from a neighbor because you left the lights on overnight – you understand how important this system is. Unfortunately, as your battery ages and general wear and tear takes over – a simple jump just won’t do the job.

At AA Auto Kirkland, we specialize in electrical system maintenance and repair. Our experienced team of certified mechanics know this system inside and out.

What to Expect at Your Electrical Systems Appointment

Like any AA Auto Kirkland appointment, you can rely on consistent and high-quality work and transparency. We share with our customers what needs done and how much it will cost before the job gets underhand. As we begin inspecting the electrical system our team might test the battery, check that there’s no corrosion on your starter cables, and inspect the alternator. If we notice your current and voltage levels are off, some of these pieces may need replacing.

Signs Your Electrical Systems Need Repair

When the electrical system in your car starts to go, you’ll know it. Like other car issues, there are signs which point to electrical failure. If you notice any of the following indicators – see a mechanic as soon as possible.

Improper Cranking of the Engine: To start, your engine needs the electrical system to send power to the ignition and fuel system. It also requires a spark to ignite, which comes from the battery. If the engine won’t crank, you’ll hear a click, click, click noise as the engine tries to get going. This click noise is one that vehicle owners dread – it means there’s a disconnection somewhere between the battery, alternator and starter, or that the battery is dead altogether.

Lights are Dim or Not Working: The lights in your car are one of the most noticeable indicators that a battery is on a downward spiral, or that loose wires are causing an improper connection somewhere. If it’s just one light – it could be a burnt-out bulb. However, if all your lights seem unordinary dim or won’t come on at all, the power is at fault.

Burning Odor: If your electrical system shorts, it could cause sparking and overheating which result in melting wires, blown fuses, and a strong odor. A burning smell coming from anywhere in your vehicle is never good and could be a sign of many problems. If you smell burnt plastic – call a mechanic.

Blown Fuses: Just as your home has a fuse box to monitor the distribution of energy around your house – your vehicle has a fuse box as well. This protects your car from sending too much power to one electrical component at a time. If fuses are blowing, it means this balance is no longer in place and the electrical systems are malfunctioning.

Any of these signs is a cause for a quick trip to the mechanic. Waiting could cause further damage, or make your car un-drivable, which will then require a tow to the garage. To save time, money, and prolong the life of your vehicle, we suggest seeking help as soon as you notice something wrong.

Why Choose AA Auto Kirkland?

Every garage promises the best results, but at AA Auto Kirkland we deliver! Our family-run business is proud to call Kirkland home. We consider ourselves an active part of this community, and as such, we want to give our friends and family the best service possible.

Our experienced team of certified professional mechanics are always happy to lend a hand, no matter how big or small the job. Our main priority is getting our clients back on the road safely. Without a properly functioning electrical system, your vehicle can’t get you to work, get your kids to school, get your pets to the vet. We understand how important a car is to a family – it’s more than just a ride from A to B, its freedom, livelihood, and the promise of a better life.

You can rest assured that AA Auto Kirkland will help keep your vehicle in perfect running condition. Contact us today to learn more!