With more than 3-decades in the automotive industry, AA Auto Kirkland has a handle on anything life throws at your vehicle. From squeaky brakes to leaking fluids, we’ve got you covered. A family run company with generations of mechanical knowledge, we pride ourselves on small town values with a big city feel. As an active member of the Kirkland community, we want our friends and neighbors to know they can count on us for anything big or small.

Maintaining a vehicle requires more than just bringing it in when you notice something wrong. Keeping your car in tip top shape requires regular maintenance and checkups to keep it running smoothly. Tune-ups and diagnostics help us resolve small problems, so they don’t get any bigger.

If you’re having trouble with your vehicle or are curious about the steps you should take to be proactive in its health, here are some services to consider.

30 60 90 K Tune-ups: As the name implies, this is a tune-up your car undergoes each time you hit the 30, 60, or 90-thousand-mile marker. During this service, your vehicle may undergo a basic inspection of the brakes and brake pads, timing belt, and engine. If our mechanics notice any problems internally, parts may be swapped out and damage repaired.

Air Conditioning:
The unit that keeps you so cool in the warm summer months has many working parts. Full of filters, valves, cartridges, and fans, you’re A/C unit could be misbehaving for many reasons. At AA Auto Kirkland, we’re equipped to find the problem and resolve it quickly and cost effectively.

Brakes: Without brakes, your vehicle is dangerous and ill-equipped to handle obstacles on the road. If you notice your brakes are taking longer to engage, making odd sounds, or feel like their grinding, it’s time to see a mechanic.

Engine Diagnostics: Your vehicle is going nowhere fast without an engine. In fact, it’s going nowhere at all. The engine is the heart of a vehicle and it’s crucial it’s maintained and cleaned regularly. Our diagnostics will discover any hidden issues with your engine so you don’t find yourself stalled or overheating.

Electrical System: The electrical systems in a vehicle do more than you realize. They’re not just there to make the windows go up and down and play the stereo; they also make your engine go. Without a properly functioning electrical system the starter can’t ignite, and your engine is nothing but an oversized paperweight. If you notice any issues with electricity, no matter how small, call AA Auto Kirkland.

Fuel Systems: From the tank and injector to pump and filter, your fuel system is essential to a properly operating motor vehicle. Anything can cause a problem with your fuel supply. It could be a leaking tube, a cracked pump, or a dirty carburetor. Whatever the problem, you can count on us to get you back on the road and driving safely in no time.

Oil Changes: An oil change is such a small and standard procedure that many vehicle owners misunderstand its importance. The oil in your vehicle lubricates so many moving parts. Without it, these parts grind together, or stall. When oil gets thick and dirty, it’s spreading this debris throughout your vehicle and blocking up larger parts which can cause damage. Drop by AA Auto Kirkland for an oil change any time.

Certified Emissions: The emissions that leave your vehicle play a large role in the health of our air and community. Air quality standards dictate that certain vehicles undergo emissions testing, and AA Auto Kirkland is certified to do so.

Clutch Systems: Whether you drive a standard or automatic, the clutch is what lets your vehicle change gears. In a standard you might think of the clutch as the pedal on the floor of your car next to the gas. It’s so much more than this. The clutch system controls the engaging and disengaging of your transmission so the car can go. No clutch, no go.

Carburetor: The carburetor is essential to the operation of your vehicle’s engine. It has many small parts which must work together to maintain the air and fluid levels which are pumped into the engine. If fuel levels are too high, or air levels are too high, your engine could suffer lasting damage. At AA Auto Kirkland’ we clean and repair carbs to keep your car going longer.

Buyer’s Inspection: When you buy second hand, you never know what you’re getting. At AA Auto Kirkland, we want our friends and neighbors to only have the best of everything. To help ensure this, we offer buyer inspections to go over used vehicles and determine that they’re safe, and that you’re getting a fair price.